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What We Owe: Henry and Jax

Southern Spark, #1

Bisexual sophomore Henry Culliver hasn’t dated a guy since he broke up with his boyfriend Jay in April — after he tried holding hands on the quad. Henry never takes people home without long term intentions. So when he sees hot freshman swimmer Jax Littleton at a bonfire the night before the Georgia-Carolina game, he says: yes. That one.

But Jax comes with a host of mental health issues: ADHD, OCD, and panic disorder. He spent high school sleeping with the greater gay population of middle Georgia. This brilliant student and champion swimmer’s convinced he’s good for one thing only: a one-night stand.

Henry’s determined to change that. But in the meantime, he has to confront his own deeply rooted intimacy issues. A novella about how love, despite what we’re told, can’t fix everything, What We Owe takes the reader into the realistic tangle of a relationship with someone who’s mentally ill — and shows how, despite significant obstacles, love and intimacy can grow, even flourish, in the most difficult conditions.

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#4 Literary Psychological Fiction

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