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What I’m Up To

Hurricane Dreams hit #1 in Amazon’s free categories in LGBT Literary Fiction, LGBT 90-Minute Short Reads, AND Bisexual Romance — AT THE SAME TIME. I had put it up for free when Neon Saturday Night went on sale Oct. 9.

I’ve I Wish I Were Special, the first novel (!) and installment in the Southern Scandal series came out September 25th. I did crazy promo and it paid off like crazy! The sequel, Beautiful Boys, is on preorder right now, and you can get it on Amazon or KU.

I got both Audie and Calhoun’s tats from Neon Saturday Night!

Remember how I said I was releasing a MMF novel in December? I rearrange releases all the goddamn time because ADHD goddammit. So next up is Audie and Calhoun, the third installment in the Low Country Lovers series, All the Little Lights. It works best, because it starts exactly two weeks after Beautiful Boys ends.

IN THE MEANTIME, I’ve got a vampire short story coming out for Halloween, titled No Biting, plus the first installment section of Southern Sin, and an unnamed short I have to write that’s due in December but coming out in the spring.

Meanwhile, I’m doing live readings and takeovers all over the place, so keep up with me at my Facebook page, and especially my Facebook Group, Sweet Tea and Sweet Boys.

See you on the flip side!


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