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Julia McBryant’s series chronicles the interconnected lives of a group of well-off, high society young adults in Savannah, Georgia, most of whom have known each other since kindergarten. Their complicated relationships (and unconventional sexcapades) form the meat of the series, along with a careful attention to chronology, character, and prose. More than romantic erotica, her series details a fully realized world of drama, theme, and most of all, memorable characters.

Southern Seduction

  1. It’s Enough
  2. Like Sunshine
  3. Slow Dance

Wills Culliver and Crispin Hendricks. They’re fairly normal … unless you count Wills’s mounting anxiety disorder as he enters law school and has to live a closeted life with his boyfriend and bestie-since-kindergarten, Crispin Hendricks. Wills has Crispin, probably the most stable out of all of them. Thank God for Crispin Hendricks.

Low Country Lovers

  1. Hurricane Dreams
  2. Neon Saturday Night

Audie Currell and Calhoun Chatterton met at a wine tasting party, ran away into the Charleston night, and started dating in secret because of their homophobic parents. They’ve been together ever since — from the summer after their freshman year in college until, so far, their senior year. Deeply in love, their relationship is complicated by Audie’s trauma inflicted by his ultra-masculine, abusive father.

Southern Scandal

  1. I Wish I Were Special
  2. Beautiful Boys (forthcoming)

Quinn Rutledge, barely a freshman out of college, has … problems, mostly of the “too many hookups, too many drugs” type. As his cousin Delia says, he’s on a road to nowhere — but actually desperately lonely and longing for connection. Ellis Ashford, a thirty-seven year old architect, has been shunting his daddy kink onto a “savior complex” for years. Can they make it, despite the disapproval of uppercrust Savannah? A daddy-kink novel.

Southern Sin

  1. For I Have Sinned (forthcoming)

Bastian McCarthy transferred to Our Lady of Mercy in the middle of his junior year under suspicious circumstances. Cocky, sarcastic, and smart, he catches the attention of Father Robinson Arthur, a young priest who stopped believing long ago. When he discovers the truth about Bastian, and Bastian becomes the captain of his swim team, things get … murky. A daddy kink story with a twist.

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