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Slow Dance (Southern Seduction, #3)

Slow Dance
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Crispin has moved in with Wills for the summer, four hours away from their parents in Savannah. Without rules, or even Wills’ nosy twin to police them, neither can wait for their three months of freedom. But Wills gets stuck memorizing tree biology, and Crispin’s boss works him to exhaustion. In fact, everything about their lives seems incompatible. Crispin keeps a bizarre sleep schedule that messes up Wills’ circadian rhythms. Wills wakes up as queen bitch while Crispin channels Tigger. Stuck scarfing frozen food, unable to work the washing machine, Wills and Crispin both feel miserable. They’ve been together since eleventh grade. But can their teenage love transition into the real world?


Rainbow Gold Reviews: If you like romance and erotica and writing that’s a higher caliber than most of the stuff that’s out there grab this series. I love all of them! … I had so many feels while reading this story … They still have off the charts sexual chemistry and smexy times that make me melt but they are growing up. (10/10)

Goldenchels, Goodreads: I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the author’s style of writing puts you right there, like you’re the one panting for Crispin’s next kiss or salivating when Wills takes off his shirt. Every moment is so real and raw, you can’t get enough.

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