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Short Stories

I like to put up free short stories for my readers. Check here often: they rotate!

First Night: Audie

Audie Currell, after a lifetime ridiculed and shamed for his sexuality, finds himself standing in his dorm’s lobby on the first night of college in leather pants and eyeliner waiting to go to the gay club. At Sweet Spot, this “Charleston rich boy” ends up seeing more than he bargained for — and coming home with more than he thought possible.

Nothing But Daddy

Preston learns what he really needs.

No Biting: A Vampire Daddy Kink Story

Benedict found Jude in a club when he was eighteen years old, and moved by the boy’s miserable life, turned him into a Kindred. For five years, Benedict has forbidden his beloved baby Jude to bite any human, preferring to feed his child himself. “You’ll be dirty forever,” Benedict tells him, but Jude wants his daddy to lay off and let him explore more of who he thinks he is — and who he thinks he should become.
A vampire daddy kink story. But don’t you dare say the v-word. Or, for that matter, the b-word.

Love in the Time of Lady Chablis

On instagram TV:

Jax sneaks out to see Lady Chablis perform in Atlanta. So does Henry — separately. The introduction to What We Owe.

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