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Remember All the Things You Don’t Want to Forget: The Prequels

Southern Scandal, #4

Ellis, Quinn, and Amory have a happy relationship. It took them a long time to get there — and they’re still healing from their journeys. Quinn used sex to cover up his deep well of loneliness. Ellis had lost himself. Amory had his home and his god ripped away.

This collection of short, impressionistic vignettes tells the story of how they got there. Told in McBryant’s lyrical, almost dream-like prose, Remember All the Things You Don’t Want to Forget shows how small events in Quinn, Ellis, and Amory’s lives — and sometimes not-so-small-events — shaped them, and brought them, almost inevitably, to each other.

These short snippets show their lives before they came together, and offer a glimpse of how the three fit together. Rather than short stories, these are small moments in the lives of three people who came to love one another — three people who were waiting for each other all along.

Full of the lyrical prose and attention to detail you expect from McBryant, these character studies offer a different perspective into Quinn, Ellis, and Amory in many events that are hinted at, but never detailed, in other Southern Scandal books.

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