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Previews and Sneak Peeks

This is where I’ll put links to my previews and sneak peeks of my work.

In the City on the Water: 1st story in Hurricane Dreams

The first story in the collection Hurricane Dreams, this stands as a complete work in itself. Audie Currell and Calhoun Chatterton have run away into the Charleston night. But the next afternoon, when they escape to Folly Beach, things really start to heat up.

I Wish I Were Special (Southern Scandal, #1)

(available Sept. 25, 2019 on Amazon and KU)
Quinn, the youngest of five children, known throughout Savannah as the Rutledge oops baby, is an inveterate party boy whose wham, bam, thank you ma’am philosophy covers a deep well of loneliness. Architect Ellis Ashford has shunted his daddy kink off onto a “savior complex” for years. Quinn, a total submissive, wants love — and sex. Ellis wants to a boy to love, cuddle, fuss over — and be sweet for him. Can they resist the magnetic pull between them, despite their age difference? Or will the Greek chorus of Savannah gossip tear them down?

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