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Like Sunshine (Southern Seduction, #2)

Like Sunshine
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Crispin visits Wills in the liberal town of Athens, four hours from the Georgia coast. He worries their relationship won’t have changed much from their time in Savannah’s stilted high society. But without the strictures of their repressive upbringing, he and Wills find something else entirely.


Rainbow Gold Reviews: OMG! Guys!!! I’m absolutely in LURVVVVE with Crispin and Wills! I’m also a big fan of these short erotic romances. They are just the thing when you need a dose of love with a touch of angst and a whole lot of sizzle. Crispin and Wills found a place in my heart right away and they are now in my top 5 favorite couples of all time! … There’s just enough angst to make it thrilling, there’s the sense of fear that they might be outed and the love… so much love that these two have for each other and last but not least is the sizzle, because when they get together the chemistry is explosive! (10/10)

Gay Book Reviews: The reader is likely to nostalgically yearn again for the reader’s own first relationship. Like Sunshine, just as It’s Enough before, is a tone poem to first love. (5/5 stars, 5/5 heat)

Truus/loveislovereview: I loved this kind, passionate story. These boys are intense in their own special way. Words are important but not all the time. They can just do without, their bodies speak louder. Written in a captivating way, I felt connected. It had an amazingly joyful vibe. Their sexy togetherness is hot and intense. I loved this super short story dearly. Please let there be a continuation. I really want to get to know them better and see them grow together.

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