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It’s Enough (Southern Seduction, #1)

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Crispin and Wills went from best friends to lovers in eleventh grade. Since then, their lives have taken radically different paths: Wills headed off to college at the University of Georgia, and Crispin stayed in Savannah to become a carpenter like his father. When Wills returns home for Christmas break, Crispin’s still madly in love with him, and questions whether his best friend shares the same feelings. Neither Wills nor Crispin knows if their romance has survives the long-distance relationship, and if it can still grow in the stifling anti-gay atmosphere of uppercrust Savannah.

Set in the same staid ballrooms, these three coming-of-age, first-love shorts showcase Julia McBryant’s lyrical prose and memorable characters, alongside a high heat level and an unforgettable setting.


Gay Book Reviews: “These 3 related stories are proof that one need never doubt that short can be really hot … Their back story is sensibly and rather beautifully explicated … As an aside, this reviewer, with perhaps some inbred prejudice, is always interested in whether women writers of gay erotica in any way misunderstand or misstate the physicalities gay sex. Huzzah for Ms. McBryant: she really nails it! (5 stars, 5 flames)

Goodreads, Goldenschels: “It’s Enough is delicious. A sweet and sinfully sexy novella. A little heartbreaking, a lot heartwarming, Crispin and Wills are best friends in love and it’s delightful. If you need me today, I’ll be in my room binge reading everything from this author.” (5 stars)

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