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Hurricane Dreams (Low Country Lovers, #1)

Hurricane Dreams
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Audie Currell, the only son of one of the richest families in Charleston, spent a childhood brutally abused for his sexuality. During his parents’ wine tasting, he runs off into the night with Calhoun Chatterton, and the two begin dating in secret. But Audie’s abusive childhood stands in the way of an authentic relationship — as does their families’ homophobia. They have to hide their romance while coping with Audie’s trauma. Can two naive teenagers manage such a difficult task?

An insta-love romance filled with lyrical prose from author Julia McBryant, the short story collection Hurricane Dreams is a coming-of-age, first-love story with plenty of hurt/comfort, angst, and high heat.


Gay Book Reviews: As the three connected episodes proceed, the heroes’ relationship becomes deeper, more balanced, and more mutual. As in Ms McBryant’s earlier work, she fully evidences her knowledge of male physiology with lovely detail and appropriate heat. I noted with her previous work, “She really nails it!” Still so! … HFN? Absolutely – as Ms. McBryant beautifully shows the reader how a first, youthful “true” love can grow and reach beyond the mere physical. Wow!

ccreadsbooks: Another sinfully delicious story of first and true love by the remarkably talented @julia_mcbryant . Julia’s unique writing style draws you right in … This quick read is sweet, but it’s also so hot (you must use the Adam Sandler voice for that part). I recommend you read this, and anything from the author you can get your hands on!

Romance Book Reviews: Lovely story about 2 southern boys that find comfort and love with each other. Highly recommend! (5/5 stars)


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