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Warning: This may contain spoilers for upcoming novels. So readers beware.

The Gang and the Rise of Skywalker

Quinn and Amory and Ellis saw it at midnight. Quinn and Amory dressed up (Quinn as Boba Fett and Amory as Mando from the Mandalorian). Ellis rolled his eyes. Amory tried really hard to make Quinn be Baby Yoda. Quinn pretended to be insulted but secretly wanted to be Baby Yoda.

Crispin and Wills went with them. Wills really, really wanted to dress up and didn’t because he was embarrassed. He hated the ending and thinks The Mandalorian is better anyway.

Henry and Jax: Jax goes at midnight, exhaustively analyzes it, and has Opinions. Henry sighs a lot and also has Opinions. They argue a lot especially about the ending. Conclusion from Jax: “There was a lot of movie in that movie and I need to see it again.”

Audie and Calhoun: Audie goes with Wills and Crispin because Calhoun DGAF. He picks up Baylor. She wears Yoda ears. He wears a Storm Trooper mask and they get high in the parking lot.

Isa, Delia, and the Jasper twins: DGAF and make fun of everyone else. Isa is baffled. Delia rolls her eyes. Lucky actively ridicules them. Thor is silent and when asked his opinion, sighs and says, “You do you.”

Black Friday with the gang!

Wills and Crispin: hide. They have a secret tradition of banging all day on Black Friday and (usually) Boxing Day, when there isn’t a party in the works. Wills laments the sales he’s missing at Target. Crispin keeps telling him to STFU.

Henry: total shopping slut, he was up at dawn. Secretly met Isa at the mall and squired her around to everywhere. They spent more money than two people have any right to.

Ellis: carefully scanned for sales against planned Christmas list, divided it with Amory, made a plan of attack. Refused to go out thanksgiving night out of principle.

Quinn: played video games, rode his horse, and bitched about American commercialism in a shockingly sincere manner. Will buy all presents at the last minute.

Lucky and Delia: Delia dragged him to the mall. He was shockingly acquiescent, like he always is, which her friends never fucking believe and which drives her absolutely insane because if they’d just see Lucky wasn’t the total ass he pretended to be sometimes he’s actually desperately sweet. He bought her lunch and pretzels and cupcakes and chocolate until she made him stop and carried all her bags and never lost patience. They went home and he continued his quest to teach her pinball. Thor called him whipped. He threatened his brother again.

Thor: went to Edisto Beach. Looked for fossils. Wished for a girl to go with him. Altogether sad.

Jax: fleed Macon for Athens ASAP. Looked around for the girl he was currently banging, found girl number two he was currently banging instead. Saw her and then swam for three hours, thanking god the pool was open.

Audie and Calhoun: SHOPPED. All caps. For themselves. For clothes. All day. Hit some antique stores but mostly bought clothes. Audie argued for discount seersucker; Calhoun argued he didn’t need more seersucker; he bought Calhoun more seersucker instead.

Bastian: Still with Rob. That’s all you get.

Baylor Kirkman, Quinn’s cousin: Slept in, met up with friends in Columbia, also bitched about commercialism. Probably got stoned. Watched Hallmark movies with Tristan Baker, one of her and Audie’s college besties, ironically but not so ironically as the night wore on. Ended up at their other friend Patrick’s garage watching industrial music videos and drinking beer, along with BFF Justin Holmes, up from Charleston for the holiday, who says he’s moving to Savannah because Charleston law is going under.

Lochlan … whom you haven’t met yet … ain’t no rest for the wicked, so he’s out on the shrimp boat at dawn. Finishes up Savannah School of Art application that night while bone-tired at his empty house in Beaufort.

Halloween 10/31

Ellis, Quinn and Amory host the Halloween party because Ellis is obsessed with Halloween.

Quinn goes as Batman, despite everyone begging him to go as Link. He gets pissed about it.

Ellis is a witch. Ellis is always a witch.

Amory just steals his old costume from Cats. He sings snippets of it all night.

The Culliver twins go as the girls from The Shining. Crispin is the little boy who has Tony, the boy who lives in his finger.

Isa is a fairy.

The Jasper twins come as Hunter S. Thompson and his lawyer. No one gets it despite them constantly quoting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Delia is a lounge singer.

Audie wanted to go as Gomez and Morticia. He and Calhoun both wanted to be Gomez and flipped a coin. Audie lost. He is sulking in a black wig but the eyeliner works.

Hurricane Dorian:

What my characters did during the hurricane:
Threw an enormous party at the Culliver’s Tybee beachouse and got roaring drunk.
Henry and Wills = plastered
Henry’s BF Jax = plastered
Isa = plastered and draped over her gay boyfriend, Quinn.
Crispin = sober and only there because Wills insisted
Delia = thinks they’re all idiots. Comes anyway because of Quinn, Isa, and Wills. Lectures them all. Ends up hanging with Crispin.
Calhoun = too scared to come
Audie = lied to parents about staying at USC, stuck in Savannah with Calhoun’s Gran under the 9pm curfew, and PISSED.
Quinn = plastered and draped over straight girlfriend, Isa, probably insisting on playing a Cowboy Mouth marathon because of their song “Hurricane Party.” They get everyone drunk belting out “Jenny Says.” It moves into his dance party playlist, which everyone bitches over until they get super drunk and end up realizing that yes, they do know all the lyrics to “Ray of Light,” fuck you, Quinn.
Ellis = realized Quinn was a lost cause and made him swear not to drive in the hurricane. Told Quinn it was his own damn fault if his Stingray got messed up. Stays home, cooks, cleans, and worries about Quinn.
Lucky Jasper = really plastered. Pining over Delia and hitting on her in drunk, stupid ways that causes drunk, stupid Wills to intervene.
Thor Jasper = Lucky made him get plastered. Sits silently in corner, head in hands, and wishes for normal friends.

10/12: The Gamecocks Beat the Bulldogs in double overtime

Audie, the Culliver twins, Jax, Bastian, Isa, and her boyfriend Lochlan watch the game at Audie’s. Calhoun sits with his head in his hands — pissed Bastian drove down, because he hates Bastian — as they all scream at the TV and trash-talk each other. Georgia is expected to win, and the Gamecock fans are only watching because they all always watch the Georgia-Carolina game. But they squeak it out, and ridicule the Cullivers and Jax mercilessly.

“No chicken dinner for you tonight, assholes!” Bastian taunts.

“Shut the fuck up,” Jax mutters. He’s pissy because they’re all mad at him for eating all the nachos anyway.

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