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For I Have Sinned: Bastian and Rob

Father Robinson Arthur hasn’t believed anything in years. He’s going through the mindless pray-work-teach routine, faithful to his vows, when 18-year-old Bastian McCarthy swaggers onto his swim team. God help him, Father Rob develops a crippling crush for the bisexual brat, who torments him during Confession, makes the nuns cry, and sleeps with half the girls. But Bastian finally proclaims that not only does he have a daddy kink, he wants a daddy — and that daddy’s Rob. Rob doesn’t know Bastian’s smartass exterior hides a life-destroying secret, a secret that’s eating Bastian from the inside out. Both Bastian and Father Rob desperately need healing. If they’re lucky, the star swimmer and the runaway priest just might find it in each other. 

Full of twists, turns, and tons of steam, For I Have Sinned brings the daddy kink with a side of hurt/comfort and plenty of angst. It contains the novella Bless Me, Father.


“He broke my heart and Rob’s determination to be everything Bastian needed, made me love him completely … The story held so much warmth and love along with the hurtful reality behind a well placed smirk and playboy attitude. It grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.” — Amazon, 5/5 stars

“When Bastian lets Rob see the real him it’s both a beautiful and devastating thing … For I Have Sinned is a beautifully written book about loneliness. It’s characters come to life with the magical prose that only Julia McBryant can write. I need more Bastian in my life .” — Amazon, 5/5 stars

“Heat level is off the charts. Recommended!” — Bookbub, 5/5 stars

“Their journey to be together isn’t easy, but they really need each other. I do hope there will be more books about these two! Loved it and highly recommend!!” [Page-turner, Steamy, Wonderful Characters] — Bookbub, 5/5 stars

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