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Extra Details

Random Details:


Wills’ “farm” is actually an old plantation, and one of the largest in the Savannah area. It’s technically called “Bancroft” but no one uses the actual name.

Wills loves to go foxhunting and has a bay warmblood named Dragon. Check Pinterest for pics. Everyone hates Dragon because he kicks other horses.

Wills’ mom is super into animal rescue, and he has an enormous Irish Wolfhound named Canis Major, a name he thinks is incredibly clever. His picture’s also on Pinterest.

Wills Culliver‘s playlist


He’s wanted to be a carpenter since he was 5 years old and saw his dad working at the family architectural restoration firm. He never wavered in the idea.

He’s super into old alternative rock.

Crispin has his own apartment — but never invites Wills back to it. He’s too scared Wills is going to turn him down.

Crispin Hendricks‘s playlist