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Extra Details: Henry and Jax

Henry James Laurens Culliver

Henry’s Playlist on Spotify (Hit “Your Library on the sidebar; Spotify will ask you to join; hit “close” and it will pop up)

He and Wills are mirror twins; they split relatively late, and shared both a placenta and amniotic sac. Henry was tangled in their cords at birth and born blue two minutes after Wills. Placed in an incubator, he nearly died until, as his mother says, “He just … came out of it.”

As mirror twins, Wills and Henry should be opposite-handed: Wills right-handed and Henry left-handed. The less dominant twin, Henry wanted to be just like Wills and taught himself to be ambidextrous as a very small child; he predominately uses his right hand. This is useful when his right hand, for various reasons, becomes incapacitated …

His German Shepherd Denethor is not named after the Steward of Gondor. He’s named after the Denethor in The Simarillion. Henry’s that much of Lord of the Rings dork.

He’s known Quinn Rutledge practically since Quinn was born: Quinn used to wear his and Wills’s hand-me-downs because he was so much smaller than they were.

This didn’t prevent him from not speaking to Quinn for the entirety of ninth grade because Wills was angry at him for one reason or another. It broke Quinn’s heart, but of course, being Quinn, he pretended not to care. Henry counts this as one of the worst things he’s ever done in his entire life.

He does get drunk and fight Wills on rare occasions. This generally has nothing to do with Wills and everything to do with Henry, who usually (but not always) throws the first punch. But, as Henry says, “There’s nothing worse than looking at your twin and knowing you gave him that black eye.” They never fight about anything worth fighting over, either.

Every assumed, based on their mutual love of Faulkner and poetry and fishing, that Henry and Audie would end up BFFs. They didn’t, though they’re certainly close. Audie ended up BFFs with Wills and Jax instead, a circumstance completely unforeseen by anyone.

He really wanted to be a poet, but his poetry is horrible.

He really did look at Jax and think: that one. He has never really been into one-night stands, since they leave him wanting to shower for about three weeks afterwards (unlike Wills, who when he HAS slept with girls, has only had one-night stands). He started hitting on Jax in his Henry-like way immediately, and didn’t take him home without the idea of keeping him around. That’s why he pined over him for so long afterwards.

He picked up a deep love of pop-punk from Jax. Henry tends to be fairly impressionable when it comes to music.

As much as Wills is the dominant twin, there’s a few things Henry can always bully him into. Drinking is one of them.

His mother calls him “the sweet one” and “a bullheaded sonofabitch.” His brother Alexander says “he’s the worst of all of us.” Wills calls him “a hopeless romantic.” His father says he’s “the lazy one.”

He has inattentive ADHD, which remains undiagnosed.

Jackson Thomas Littleton (Jax)

Jax’s Spotify playlist here (Hit “Your Library” on the sidebar; Spotify will ask you to join; hit “close” and it will pop up)

Like Henry, Jax was the non-dominant twin when compared to his sister Maisie. Born second, his parents didn’t know he was in there (they eschewed an ultrasound for religious reasons) until he was born.

He so admired Audie’s car when he saw it for the first time that when his father asked him what kind of car he wanted on his 21st birthday, he got a car exactly like Audie’s, but red. Wills later points out that this is fucking weird.

Jax is the most intelligent person Henry’s ever encountered, though Henry’s likely never stopped to think seriously about it, other than realizing that Jax is really, really, really smart. He reads the fastest, retains almost everything he reads, and make spontaneous connections between disparate ideas. He could have been wildly successful in the corporate world.

He’s an inveterate dork. He named his horse Arrakis, after the spice planet in the Dune books. Obsessed with Star Wars, his other favorite fandoms include The X-Files and Twin Peaks (a love he shares with Audie, who’s obsessed with Kyle MacLachlan). He knows everything about the Star Wars universe, and yes: he has read all the novelizations. In secret. He hides them behind his poetry books.

Possesses an alligator skull. He shot that gator himself when he was sixteen.

He’s fourth cousins with Isa, who’s fifth cousins with Audie.

His anniversary with Henry is September 7th; they broke up on May 11th.

Despite sleeping with several, he’s never had a girlfriend.

He speaks fluent Spanish, as does his twin, as a result of having Latin American nannies as a child. His twin also speaks Spanish.

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