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Extra Details: Easter Bennett

She has, like Henry, undiagnosed inattentive ADHD.

Like Audie, she was forced into years of piano lessons as a child and refuses to play the instrument now. Henry and Jax remain completely ignorant of this fact. She can also play guitar, something they do know.

She’s high a good detail of the time. Not too stoned to function, think decently, or really have any cognitive effect, but still stoned enough to mellow her out. In fact, in most scenes, assume Easter has had at least one or two puffs of pot beforehand. Henry generally accepts this about her, other than teasing her occasionally.

On trips out of town, she smuggles the pot on planes in the form of edibles.

Jax smokes with her. Henry does not.

She gets her pot from friends at SASA, unlike Quinn, Ellis, and Amory, who get it from Audie, who gets it from, yes — Bastian McCarthy. When Bastian disappears, Audie uses Blue Beckson as a weed hookup.

She learned to paint at Charleston Country Day as an extra class after school and never stopped. Her father was very unhappy about her choice to go to SASA, because he felt she’d be more likely to meet a rich guy at Yale.

She, Henry, and Jax did indeed compete against each other in rival pony clubs as children — but she reserved her desperate crush for Quinn. She has absolutely no memory of this.

Audie told her he was gay in — you guessed it — the hayloft.

Her best friend in high school was a trans kid named Trinity who was constantly beat up. She shared Easter’s clothes (she was very small) and ended up at Berkeley, so Easter never sees her. She taught Easter how put on make-up.

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