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Extra Details: Bastian and Rob

Sebastian Grey McCarthy: “Bastian”

Birthday: Oct. 31

Bastian’s Playlist (Click My Library; Spotify will ask you to join; hit close, and it will pop up)

Brendan Lawson McCarthy is the older twin by seven minutes. They were delivered in Charleston by cesarean section; it was an emergency section when they discovered both babies’ heart rates were beginning to drop, and they spent time in the NICU. Because it was an emergency, Bastian’s mother got the large up-and-down cesarean cut, and she blamed her children for it their entire lives.

She was never a good mother, even when Brendan was alive, but Bastian had his twin and didn’t much realize it.

His father disappeared completely after Brendan’s death. His mother never made an effort to find him, and he never contacted them. Her parents had already, as they say, “passed on” when she moved her son back to Savannah to work at a financial firm downtown; she had no reason to move from Charleston other than personal preference.

They didn’t move the other kids at the swim meet away from Brendan’s accident quickly enough, and they witnessed the aftermath: kids there included Quinn Rutledge’s cousin Baylor Kirkman’s paternal cousin, Scott Kirkman, also a swimmer. (got that, or you need me to draw you a diagram?)

Bastian’s loved animals since he was very small. Brendan liked them, but never had the same love for them his twin did. It’s one of the things that set them apart. Brendan was also more outgoing and less snarky; he was more popular and had more friends than Bastian.

Bastian suffered from depression and anxiety even before Brendan was killed. His twin didn’t.

He knows all about the horrible things that happened to Audie growing up. He’s never told anyone. He only told Baylor about Calhoun when he was very, very, very messed up on illicit substances, and she was trying to help him come down.

Robinson Arthur “Rob”

b. August 23

Rob’s playlist (Click My Library; Spotify will ask you to join; hit close, and it will pop up)

Got into BDSM the old fashioned way: porn. He found the local BDSM scene in Washington, DC, where he attended Georgetown University and studied philsophy.

He briefly considered becoming a Jesuit priest — Georgetown is a Jesuit university — but the years of study required turned him off, and he settled on becoming a standard parish priest. He chose the Georgia area because it was as far from Maryland as he wanted to go, and he wanted to move down the coast from the Eastern Shore.

He is an expert in shibari, though he doesn’t use it on Bastian. Rob feels like it makes the other person into more of a toy or item for the other person to admire, rather than treating them like a whole person, and he doesn’t want to see Bastian that way.

At times, it’s difficult for him to drop the dom and find the daddy instead: he was a dom for so long it’s his natural inclination at times.

When he broke up with Jack, since he was at a Catholic college, the church was right there to welcome him in. This led to him becoming a seminarian: Rob has never liked to do things by half-measures. If his parents hadn’t have died, he would almost certainly have quit eventually. It’s likely he would have become some type of artist after that, given the opportunity to rediscover his talent.

Like Bastian, he is bisexual and occasionally misses women. While Bastian falls farther along the bi scale (like Wills Culliver, he could probably swing either way, depending on the person), Rob wouldn’t say no to a girl.

While he was a dom in college, he was also a D&D nerd. He’s tried to interest Bastian in D&D, but Bastian refuses, saying that it’s no fun with only two people.

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