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Extra Details: Audie and Calhoun

Audie (Audubon Thomas William Currell)

Birthday: Oct. 13

Audie’s Playlist

Despite not speaking his way through high school, he was editor of the literary magazine and graduated valedictorian (like Wills Culliver and Easter Bennett — and like Jax Littleton would have, if not for, um, circumstances).

Despite graduating valedictorian, Audie is an amazingly lazy student who misses classes on a whim, though he always turns his work in on time. His lack of a 4.0 is due solely to his absences.

Along with his best friend Justin, he was arrested for possession of marijuana during his freshman year of college. He completed pretrial intervention, complete with random drug testing, and the charges were expunged from his record. As of now, Calhoun remains unaware …

He made Easter Bennett play Contra with him, but his favorite Nintendo game was always The Legend of Zelda — something he shares with Quinn Rutledge.

Name a club drug. He’s tried it. Calhoun remains unaware.

Famous for passing out on the enormous couch in his dorm’s lobby (seriously enormous: at six feet, Audie can stretch full-out on it).

Is actually a fairly accomplished pianist. Refuses to play the piano and loathes it after years of forced lessons, and has been known to pretend he can only play Heart and Soul. However, when drunk, he will break out “Hey Jude,” John Denver’s “Sweet Misery” (one of his mother’s favorite songs), and several David Bowie songs, including “Changes” and “Life on Mars?”

Once stood up at his dorm’s 1980s-themed prom, where he was voted prom king, and, while drunk, performed a karaoke “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” — sans teleprompted lyrics.

More facts about Audie.

Calhoun (Calhoun Cox Chatterton)

Birthday: June 2

Calhoun’s Playlist

Has never owned a pet of any kind. Ever. And unlike practically every other one of his peers, is unable to ride a horse. They scare him.

When he was a kid, he would pretend Crispin’s mom was his.

His Gran read him, aloud, all of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the first three Narnia books (she says that after that “Lewis degenerates into total allegorical nonsense and his story breaks down”), as well as other popular children’s fantasy epics. Calhoun spent a lot of his childhood climbing in and out of wardrobes and clocks.

Despite an obsession with Phish and his long hair, he has never tried a cigarette or marijuana. However, he started drinking with Quinn in about ninth grade.

He and Quinn became best friends when they had to sit next to each other in kindergarten. Quinn started to cry because no one had ever shown him how to use scissors well, and Calhoun helped him.

Weirdly, neither Calhoun nor Quinn has changed their haircut since then: they never went through some kind of weird middle school bowl cut. Calhoun’s mother always loved his hair long and kept it that way; Calhoun Gran agreed. It was, in fact, one of the few things they did agree on.

Barely has to shave. Like, barely. Audie has made a conscious decision not to tease him about him. Quinn doesn’t tease him because pot, meet kettle, you’re black; Henry and Wills ridicule them both.

Despite Isa and Delia being Quinn’s other besties, Calhoun isn’t particularly close with either of them. He theoretically could have called them and asked them to meet him and Audie on Tybee, but he let Quinn do it instead.

Thinks no one knew he hooked up with Quinn senior year. Everyone knows he hooked up with Quinn senior year. But really no one knows he kissed Henry, other than Wills.

He took the school trips to both Antarctica and the Galapagos.

An interview with Calhoun

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