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Christmas Cousins: Quinn, Ellis, and Amory

Southern Scandal, #3

#1 Gold Banner for New Release in Regional, Cultural, and Ethnic Humor!

The Rutledge family Christmas always sucks, but Quinn has his beloved cousins, Delia and Baylor: all three same-age, look-alike blond partners in crime who always have each other’s backs, whether it’s saving Baylor from Grandfather’s ire or telling off the roving gang of brats. Baylor once chopped off her hair to make Quinn feel better. Delia punched people in the face for him. Quinn picked Delia up from parties at 3 am. They’re tight as tight can be.

Quinn, Ellis, and Amory are all settled in for the Hallmark family Christmas before the boys leave for the Culliver twins’ three-day Christmas party on Tybee — Quinn’s cousin Baylor in tow, and Delia soon to meet them. Ellis only tells his boys one thing: BEHAVE WHILE YOU’RE GONE.

The beach house looks like pipe bomb of tinsel and fake snow exploded. The hot tub has multi-colored blinker bulbs strung up and set to disco. As the liquor passes from hand-to-hand, Delia and Baylor turn from Quinn’s staunchest allies to terrible teases who embarrass him at every turn. As Quinn’s misery reaches a Scrooge-ish rock-bottom, something has to give. Christmas is about family. But what happens when your family sucks?

A holiday story about the power of family and the special bonds between the people who grow up together, Christmas Cousins shows the real tangles, trouble, and most of all, the special love that binds cousins together.

Southern Scandal’s novella Christmas Cousins tells the story of the same party detailed in Southern Seduction’s What Christmas Means and Low Country Lovers’s Learning to Love Christmas. All three novellas should be read in the context of their series, but differ enough in details and perspective to be read together.

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