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Beautiful Boys: Quinn, Ellis, and Amory

Southern Scandal, #2

Quinn and Ellis have settled into a happy daddy boy relationship when they find themselves smitten with talented, smart-mouthed — and sexy — actor Amory Reed. Amory has a daddy kink. Amory wants a boy. Quinn and Ellis want Amory. But Amory’s lower-class background makes him wary of these rich Savannahians, as does a scary secret he’s keeping. They want to make the romance work. But their jealousy threatens to leave them with nothing but empty arms and broken hearts.

Full of memorable characters, including a bratty boy, a smart-mouthed switch, and a strict-but-indulgent daddy, Beautiful Boys will hook you with a good plot — and keep you reading for the high heat.

A spinoff of the Southern Seduction and Low Country Lovers universe, the Southern Scandal series can be read on its own.


zoipappa_beatha: I loved how complex and well developed the characters were. Not just the main three, but the side characters too. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Isa, she’s adorable. The characters feel like real people with real problems and it was easy to connect with them.
Also, I really really adore the writing style, it’s dreamy and I love the dialect.

Janine Cloud: Daddy kink in the first one and adding a third to the Daddy/boy relationship in the second. Julia writes lyrical prose, and Beautiful Boys is angsty and dreamy and oh-so-erotic.

Ana Nimity (GR): The followup to I Wish I Were Special has the same sensual, erotic, almost dreamlike interactions between Daddy Ellis and his boy Quinn…with a huge complication. Amory, whose charming swagger has both Daddy and boy wanting to add a third to their already complex and, in some ways, fragile relationship … I think it’s Julia McBryant’s best work yet.

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