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Bad Reputation

Book Synopsis:

Bad Reputation is a stand-alone erotic romance novel in Julia McBryant’s new Southern Seduction MMF ménage series.

The scions of two filthy-rich Southern families, ambitious, talented writers Audie Currell and Isabel Sims have an open secret: they like to bring home other men. It’s all wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and they have rules: always take the guys together, and always kick them out before daybreak. It’s given them a bad reputation at Liston College. But they’ve both learned long ago that their money and Southern charm can cover a multitude of sins.

Shy rising star Ash Preston is a first-year student starting graduate school with a book deal and a secret: he’s quietly bisexual. When Isabel steals him from the first day departmental party, she drags him to meet Audie. Ash finds himself with two instant crushes. To his shock, the feelings are mutual. When both Audie and Isabel both break their own rules with Ash, they agree to date the quiet, handsome author — together.

But their reputation haunts Ash, who finds himself embroiled in rumor, scandal, and even assault allegations. Then he discovers the truth about Isabel and Audie. Can their relationship survive? Or will it crumble when Ash decides that even the pretty girl with a beautiful laugh and her dominating, sexy partner aren’t worth the trouble they cause?

With plenty of hot sex and unforgettable characters, Bad Reputation will leave you wanting more of rebel debutante Isabel, bad boy Audie, and their sweet shared boyfriend Ash. HEA … but there’s more to come.

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