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The Prince’s Graceland and Patreon

The Prince’s Graceland comes out Friday! I’m super excited, because I love this story. It has the British monarchy, which I’ll cop to an obsession with, plus manic pixie dream boy, my other favorite trope, plus Elvis. I mean, you seriously can’t go wrong with a mash-up of those three things, especially when it’s low-angst besides.

This is the third book in my Falling for Fame series, which is all about everyday people falling for the rich, famous, and notorious. They’re all standalones, though they have Easter eggs in them (notice in The Prince’s Graceland, though it’s never stated outright, who Kit’s first cousins with).

You’d have an even better idea of THAT particular Easter egg if you were a member of my Patreon! There are a lot of benefits to that (all my releases early for free, first of all, plus access to drafts, extra stories, and exclusives), but the big exclusive now is a novel I’m releasing chapter by chapter. This is all five dollars a month … and you get all of my releases, and Ellis’s boy’s, too! This isn’t “I get them while I read them.” This is “I get them to keep way before they are available to anyone else.” You’ll also get things like presents of swag and Christmas cards if you’re in the continental US.

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