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So The Masked Boys came out recently, and has been a super success, with plenty of page reads and a lot of interest. That makes me really happy: I’m in love with the prose in that book. I could toss it in a hole and know I made something I love, and be content in it, so whenever people tell me they liked it, it means more to me than their comments about any other book.

My next release is also my heart: Lovely Little Liars, a sweet little book about Mason and Zane, a totally mismatched couple who find love despite their disparate lives. I’m in love with them the way I’m in love with Audie and Calhoun. Mason is my darling little baby.

I JUST finished editing the last Southern Scandal book, The Weight of Familiar Objects, which is due to come out on May 26th. Dan Skinner photographed the pics for both this one and for Lovely Little Liars, and I’m in love with them.

And don’t forget Breaking Point, my MMF, coming out May 5. Oh my gosh. This book has been FOREVER in coming. I love the characters so much; I love the story … I’m so excited to share them.

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