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New books coming!

Never Have I Ever comes out March 5, so I’m busy doing promo for that. You can read the first chapter here: It’s my first f/f novel so I’m a little nervous about it. It’s also SUPER hot — the most erotic of anything I’ve written — so I’m about to get a serious reputation in the lesbian community.

The Masked Boys drops March 29th, and I’m crazily excited. It’s MMMM and like nothing you’ve ever read before, I promise. Go read the blurb. Then read the first chapter I’ve posted here on my site. I swear you’ll be blown away, and you’ll want to read more. It’s lyrical, it’s hot, it’s got a bi awakening, a best friends to lovers thread, a young daddy, plenty of orgy scenes … imagine Skull and Bones, with Stanley Kubrick shooting Eyes Wide Shut at a bridge academy full of bad boys. And if you pay attention, you might see some people you recognize …

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