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I’ve been enjoying them way too much so I decided I might as well drop them on the rest of you. So check out in the “extras” section both Wills’ and Crispin’s Spotify playlists. You can listen to them from here, or you can copy the link, or download them and listen to them later.

They are meant to be listened to on shuffle or random — duh, the way you play a playlist. This isn’t a mixtape.

Yeah, Wills likes his R.E,M. when he’s sad — and like my 5 year old, is obsessed with Cake. Crispin likes more proto-punk and new wave (The Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Talking Heads). He’s got more Bowie than Wills does; Wills only gets one single Bowie song (typical Wills; it’s broody Bowie).

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