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Because You Asked …

Since everyone who reads about Crispin and Wills has been asking for more (so far, fingers crossed for some good reviews), I’ve already written another set of shorts about them titles Sunshine (Southern Seduction Short: Crispin and Wills 2). And don’t worry, I’ve put stuff on the back burner to do a novella about them, too. It’s in the works. In between the two, you get to meet Audie for the first time.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from Sunshine:

They go to Meridian, a mid-level pizza joint. When they get out of the car, Crispin takes a deep breath and catches Wills’ hand in his. Wills looks surprised, but he doesn’t pull away. His palm’s soft against Crispin’s calluses. Their fingers lace together, and it’s the same as when Crispin’s held hands with anyone else, only it’s Wills and that makes it so much different. They’re hundreds of miles from their families, in Athens; there are actual gay couples here and no one cares, no one pay attention.

Wills doesn’t drop his hand when they go inside, either. Crispin thought he would; the street was dark, and the pizza place isn’t.

They get a regular table for four; they want each want a pizza and a table for two won’t work. Wills gets ham and pineapple; Crispin makes fun of him. “Pineapple on pizza is an abomination unto the Lord,” he tells his best friend.

“Pepperoni is boring,” Wills shrugs. “And I like ham.”

“I bet Henry calls you a pansy-ass for that pizza order.”

Wills grins. “That’s why I never get a Hawaiian pizza when I go out with Henry. I figured I was safe from that particular insult with you.”

Crispin reddens and looks down, sort of smiles. “Yeah. Guess you are.”

Wills surprises him by taking his hand and holding it — over the table. “Hey,” he says. “Thanks for coming up. I know it’s a bitch of a drive.”

Crispin shrugs. “Missed you.”

“Only been like, two weeks.”

“I’m allowed to miss you for two weeks.”
“Guess so.” He sighs. “It sucks, Henry wandering in and out with Jay all the time. Makes it worse, you know? Like seeing what you could have and you don’t.” This is the closest Wills has ever gotten to saying something like that, that he wants more than just being best friends who happen to be in love and have sex. That and holding hands in public. It’s a seismic shift from before, Crispin thinks. One thing to say I love you in bed, another to hold hands where everyone can see.

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